Showcase your maker know-how at the 2019 Library MakerFest.

No matter your maker preference, there’s always something new to learn, teach, explore and share. Booths include two chairs and a table. Electricity is available and can be run to your area if designated on the registration form.

Maker’s Row

This year will feature everyone’s favorite Maker’s Row.

A day-long craft, make, hands-on, get-involved-and-create section of the hall. Maker’s Row showcasers will interact with the attendees and teach them a new maker talent that they bring to the table. Be ready to create all day long!

Exhibitors can register for a showcase booth, Maker’s Row booth, or BOTH!

These Maker’s Row booths will be in a separate area, so if you choose to staff both types of booths, be sure you bring enough man-power to be in two places at once.