Booth registration will end May 1st – Don’t miss out!


Showcase your maker know-how at the 2017 Library MakerFest. No matter your make preference, there’s always something new to learn,2016_8 teach, explore and share. Booths are 8ft and include pipe and drape, two chairs, and a table. Electricity is available and can be run to your area if designated on the registration form.


Vendors are eligible to become sponsors with a donation of $50, giving them an opportunity for promotion through our social media, handouts, and email marketing before, during, and after this event. For more information and payment options, visit the Sponser Payment page.

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This year we’re premiering Maker’s Row- A day-long craft, make, hands-on, get-involved-and-create section of the hall. Maker’s Row showcasers will interact with the attendees and teach them a new maker talent that they bring to the table. Be ready to create all day long! Exhibitors can register for a showcase booth, Maker’s Row booth, or BOTH! These Maker’s Row booths will be in a separate area, so if you choose to staff 2016_22both types of booths, be sure you bring enough man-power to be in two places at once. We’ll ask for a sample of your finished product to display throughout the day for everyone to see.

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Want to showcase in a booth AND on Maker’s Row?

Register in both places so we can be sure to have enough space available.